use ADOMD .net to get KPI

use ADOMD .net to get KPI

Post by peter_zhan » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 07:56:42

I am trying to use SQL 2005 & VS 2005 to set up an app. However, I couldn't
find any infomation/sample on how to AMO/ADOMD .net to setup KPI as well
as report kpis I have set up there. Can someone advise? i.e. If someone
from Microsoft can help to put some sample code on their web site, that
would be really helpful.


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I port my old ADOMD code to the ADOMD.NET.

I have detected that AdomdClient.Member.Name has another behavior comparing
with ADOMD.Member.Name.

In the ADOMD Member.Name == Member.UniqueName, but in ADOMD.NET
Member.Name == Member.Cuption.

Who is right? From Programmer's reference I can't answer this question.

I have compared it with the MEMBERS Rowset and Mandatory Member Properties
(OLEDB for Analysis).

Both have the same behavior: MEMBER_NAME == MEMBER_CAPTION.

Therefore ADOMD has not right!?


Vladimir Chtepa

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