XMLA Spec Problems

XMLA Spec Problems

Post by Vitaly She » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 17:46:23

I have started to implement XMLA protocol in my project and found that XMLA
Spec has a number of problems. These are
- in each query I get full axes info if though it is not needed. It is very
expensive if I get chunks of the same table;
- I cannot calculate Cell Ordinal Number by a table dimensions as I do not
know dimensions of a table before a query, hence I cannot define cell range
in a query but it is needed for huge results;
- in OLEDB, ADO and ADOMD "Data Source" property can have value "localhost"
but in XMLA protocol it is "local" and "localhost" is a mistake.

My suggestion is to add new options to Content Property to get a piece of
query result (it will be useful in the stateful connections) as
- table dimensions
- get only data cells without axes info, etc.

Vitaly Shelest,
Software Engineer,
Panorama Software Ltd.,

XMLA Spec Problems

Post by Mosha Pasu » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:34:49


Since Panorama is member in the XMLA council - you should raise those issues
with the council (on the www.xmla.org members area).
Below some of the answers


This has been raised before but no decision has been made. You can raise it
again before the council


Usually, you do cell ranges to fit the portion of the cellset on the screen.
Since you know the screen dimensions, you can calculate first chunk (it
could be out of bounds, but this is OK)


There is no Data Source property in XMLA. There is a DataSourceInfo
property, but XMLA spec doesn't mandate any domain for it - it is really up
to provider. Please check out XMLA 1.1 section which clarifies usage of


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