Stenciling and multiple buffer "ands"

Stenciling and multiple buffer "ands"

Post by Scott Moor » Thu, 08 Sep 2005 09:29:35


I am porting an existing application that does the same effect as
stenciling by setting up a pattern in an non-displayed buffer,
then "and"ing the pattern to be stenciled with this buffer
(In Windows terminolgy, we ROP the pattern to be displayed with the
pattern buffer in a bitmap DC, then move that to the display DC).

This same technique would appear to work with OpenGL, but I note
that OpenGL also offers stencil buffers. What does stenciling offer
that the current technique we are using does not ? Is this about
using less display memory ?

Thank you.

Stenciling and multiple buffer "ands"

Post by fungu » Thu, 08 Sep 2005 12:52:10

A common technique... :-)

I can think of a couple of ways to do it in OpenGL.
One is to use stencilling, another is to put your
pattern in a texture and use glAlphaFunc().

Stencilling can do much more than a simple mask effect,
though that's probably not useful to you.

Normally stencil doesn't use any extra memory because
it's stored in the same place as the OpenGL depth buffer.

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