Newbie: Mapping texture on sphere (automatic texture coord generation)

Newbie: Mapping texture on sphere (automatic texture coord generation)

Post by Athanasios » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:17:31

Hi there!

Is it possible for someone to map a texture on a sphere using automatic
texture coordinate generation? I want to map a small image showing a map
of my country on a sphere which represents the entire planet, and I want
to provide only the lat/long coords of the image corners, and opengl to
generate the rest of the texture coordinates automatically. How can I do

Thanks in advance

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I have some polygons that have a texture, the mapping is planar. For
some export I must convert planar mapping to UV mapping and calculate
the texture coordinates for these polygons. As input I have all the
vertices of the polygons (triangles actually) and the size of the

Unfortunately I was not able to find a good algorithm to compute the
coordinates, the best I can find was to map the texture to one polygon
and not to the entire object.

Does anybody know more and, of course, does have time to explain ?

Thank you.

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