5s/ ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! 5s/

5s/ ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! 5s/

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1. How do I interface a Palm 5's ARM CPU via the USB connector.

2. G-5's - leaking like seives

Doesn't apple make anything, that "just works"?


"As of yet, Apple has been fairly unresponsive in fixing or replacing them
and I am now working on making this more public. I am curious to know if any
other people are having this problem. I know of 3 other cases outside our
own lab here. The machines in our lab were the first of the dual 2.7s- they
were bought right when the came out."
In some cases, the issue is first indicated by a distinct clicking noise --
or loud crackle -- emanated from the G5 housing.

Unfortunately, many G5s are failing outside of standard warranty range,
necessitating costly repairs. Some repair prices for afflicted units are
running upwards of US$1800 -- nearly the price of a new Mac Pro."

What happened to that "great" customer service?

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12. How do I interface a Palm 5's ARM CPU via the USB connector.

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