Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Post by Dean Sire » Sat, 14 May 2005 12:18:57

I plan on getting a new PC to run Maya Personal Learning Edition. All I
plan to do with it is get enough practice that I can get good at it and
create some good images and videos that I can show a potential employer so
that I can get an entry level job at a game company. Is there any current
PC hardware out there that is incompatible with Maya, or would be buggy with
it? I've thought of building the following system to run it:

Shuttle XPC SN25P nForce 4
Athlon 64 3000
PCI-e Geforce 6600 GT 128 MB
WinXP Home
DDR400 512 MB
17 inch 1280x1024 LCD

How well would this system run Maya PLE? How much better would it run with
1 GB? Would a DVD burner be best for sending portfolios to employers? And
when and how does it use the graphics card? During modeling/animating?
During rendering? Or not at all?

Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Post by gimp » Sun, 15 May 2005 10:27:19

whatever the company you're applying for asks for, although usually VHS
is best. TVout from ur graphics card is fine for this.

512MB.. no way. i found 512MB very limiting in terms of managing large
scenes and rendering. great choice of graphics card for what you need,
only really has an impact on viewport speed.

i think it would be like 5 bucks more expensive to move up to a 3200+
cpu (2GHz) and the extra 200MHz speed would be worth it.

also strongly recommend XP Pro over Home (u would qualify for the OEM
version with this new computer so it would be cheap).

another thing to consider is the case... it would work ok but its very
small and will get hot very quickly, which is why i prefer tower rigs.
i've heard SFF systems before and the fans and components are definitly


Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Post by rando » Sun, 15 May 2005 11:13:13

You can check out
for the basic Maya hardware configuration. A compatible video board would be the
important info here.

AMD CPU's and nvidia video cards are noisy (IMO).
I would consider getting a second monitor. You can pick up a no name 19/21 inch
flat screen CRT monitor cheap. With one monitor you end up opening and closing
small popup windows forever, with a second monitor you can leave outliner,
render, shader and hypergraph in tiled format for easy access (or you run a
tutorial movie and interactively follow the tutorial).

The more memory the better, normally rendering/animation requires huge memory
depending on the complexity of your scene.
Maya does not have a steep learning curve, it has a valley of death. If you know
Photoshops interface then Maya's interface is a full magnitude( x10) more
complex. You learn the interface and then creativity is the deciding factor.

Lots of website with all types of Maya info available but try for a good introduction of Maya tutorial (you get to make
a Star Wars pod racer with full animation). -This was floating around the
newsgroups at one time but I haven't seen it lately.

HTH - Random.

Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Post by gimp » Sun, 15 May 2005 12:44:23

spoken like a newb who's never used maya with a GeForce card. GeForce
cards are fully compatible with maya, I've used dozens of them for 5
years since version 2.

it is so horrendously misleading to say that that chart represents the
only compatible cards. what happened is that Alias decided not to
allocate resources and time into testing the wide range of GeForce cards
(which is fair enough). hehe as long as he doesn't chose ATI....

its obvious the original poster is on a budget, the words "quadro
workstation card" and "budget" don't belong in the same sentence. it
also sounds like he's into *** , even more reason to get the ***
performance edge of a GeForce.

Building a new PC for Maya PLE

Post by rando » Mon, 16 May 2005 08:12:53

Not really sure what you problem is ?

If you problem is: to question the fact that video hardware accelerators are an
important aspect of DCC programs such as Maya. Please take such fantasies to a
chat forum .

If you problem is: to question the price of a Maya Compatible video card. Five
years ago DCC video cards may have been very expensive (3DLab video cards still
are) but now compatible video cards start BELOW the top end gamer video cards.
lists the Maya compatible card between $175 and $220.
While the high end geforce gamer video cards can cost about $500.
( Things have changed in 5 years ).

If you problem is: to assume that Maya Compatible video cards cannot be used PC
video games. This would be wrong, I have a FireGL X1 and run Doom3 and Half
Life2 with no problems. (Things have changed in 5 years -or- perhaps Quadro
video cards still cannot run video games?)

My current machine had an OEM ATI 9600 video card and worked fine with Maya, got
my new Maya compatible card about 3 months ago and the difference is to change
the entire workflow (things are faster including learning). Since you are
building you own machine, you do have a choice in you video card.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - Actually looked at this page now. Workstation
specification really don't mean anything. If you computer runs XP then it will
run Maya.