Building a PC with Maya in mind - on a budget!

Building a PC with Maya in mind - on a budget!

Post by fixie.ninj » Sun, 28 Nov 2004 01:46:41

Hello all! I'm pricing out a system for use with Maya. I was curious
to know the relationship between CPU, memory, and video card when it
comes to rendering time - which part of the equation holds the most
sway? I am capable of building the computer myself.

I'm trying to put this whole thing together for under $1200, so I
welcome suggestions on processors, memory, and video cards! This will
most likely be a dual-boot setup, with Maya in Linux and the rest of
my applications in Windows (Macromedia and Adobe). Please keep that
in mind when discussing video cards, as I see several known issues
with video cards in Linux on the hardware compatibility chart at the
Alias website.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have shopped at in the past, and will most likely try to shop there
exclusively to avoid headaches and combine shipping.


PS - the ability to play HL2 would be a nice added bonus to this
system, but far from necessary!