Howto create an explosion?

Howto create an explosion?

Post by Michael Ho » Mon, 02 Feb 2004 04:44:10


I'd like to create an explosion. A residential building shall be blown away by a
gas explosion. The building itself will be out of sight behind some housetops.
So a fireball followed by a burning fire with some smoke would be enough.

I've looked around for some tutorials and found some, but the results are not
realy what I was looking for.

So, how to start? Particles or fluid? Or do you now a good HowTo or a nearly
ready-to-use scene? It's an educational project, so any material should be

Thanks a lot for any hints.
Greetings, Michael.

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hi all,

i have a librariy around here that gets compiled and linked to a dll.
at the time of linking, visual studio 6 also creates a .lib file. how can i
split that compiling/linking ?
what i want to achieve is just only to generate this .lib file (because at
that time i cant completly link my libs because of its dependencies)

i already tried to export the dsp to a makefile and run:

nmake -d mylib.dsp /MAKE "mylib - Win32 release

but it seems that this also wants to create a .lib and a .dll file at the
same time
so i tried to run:

nmake -d mylib.dsp /MAKE mylib.lib "mylib - Win32 release

but it seems that nmake cant handle the target within my nmake call..

any ideas about this problem ? would be really great !

thanks in advance



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