ViewPoint Web export

ViewPoint Web export

Post by jluc Mondi » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 04:17:20

Dear all,
I am lookong a way to export cinema 4D objects to a Web page, I have seen
that a plugin for Viewpoint (VET) exists, it is named Bola, but I was unable
to by it, the web site does not seem to work.
Do you know it or do you know a better viewer than this one ?
Thanks for your reading.

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How's user experience with Web Viewpoint for Event Viewing? Less
concerned with Object Manager and Performance Monitor.
Some users are complaining about limitations of Viewpoint. They
want to see more lines of messages in the primary display. They find the
selection controls unfriendly. They would like to see unacknowledged
critical and action messages in a single display regardless of how many
there might be.
Is Web Viewpoint going to give them anything like these easily, is
it a lot like Viewpoint message display, or would it give them even more
interesting views? Any other significant enhancements that work for you?


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