whither Golem?

whither Golem?

Post by d.moor » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 23:08:05

What happened to Golem? I acquired C4D to attempt character animation,
and the Golem plugin looked like a useful tool. But I only get error
messages when I try to actually purchase/activate the serial number.

Even more disturbing, the URL to Donovan Keith's BentPlug website
looks to be dead, and an e-mail I sent to him bounced back.

Maxon had not responded to my support query on this subject.

Has Golem (or something like it) been incorporated into version 8 (I
am using 7.3)?

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2. Golem SCSI II (A2000) broken

I've got Golem SCSI card for A2000 that doesn't work. When its plugged
in, the Amiga 2000 seems dead (black screen only). LED is lit, though.
The card has been for years in moistured place. There was something
white all over the board that I removed with isopropyl *** . Copper
seems to "fade away" on some places
What is the switch on the back used for?
Is there any chance of getting it fixed?
What should I look for with voltmeter?

The HDD on it spins, it gets power from Zorro II.
Is Oktagon 2008 better than this card? (I've got one Oktagon but it
cant record CDR with 2x, only 1x)
BTW, kickstart is 2.04

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