Digital Artists Wanted

Digital Artists Wanted

Post by DigitalArt » Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:14:10

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1. Digital Artists Wanted

2. Define Album Artist, Artist, Contributing Artist, Author fields

I m conufsed and would like to get the Dev point of view as how to sort my

currently Each song shows up as a different album in my collection
the albums are not grouped.

and except for the ***ratings the rest of tags info probably is not updated
to the MP3

so i m either doing rt-click file -> properties ->summary ->fill in
manually-> apply -> OK. imagine for each file for a 20 gigs collection

Here are the constraints:
All albums (Movie soundtracks) from India have more than one playback singer
(read artist, who sings) for a song (most of them being duets, and chorus

we have a Lyricist , who pens the songs wordings
we have music directors who compose the songs
we have musicians who ring the different instruments
We have playback singers who sing the song (typically 1 to 4 per song and
even 7 per album)

And since I have to enter manually the info for most part of it as the CDDB
lookups dont do it for India, albums as yet.

could you please guide me as how to tag my 20GIGs of collections of a 10yr

also is the field seperator a ',' or a ";' which is ideal?

I prefer making it wmp compatible as it wont be a much bigger headache when
i move to vista later in life.

I use TagnRename too and would prefer storing the tag info into the MP3 as
opposed to library , so that i can easily port it.

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