questions about ventura 10

questions about ventura 10

Post by shadyr7 » Sun, 16 May 2004 22:55:50

1)I have configured the header and footer frame for the first page of a
document. How can i set these frames for all pages of my document?

2) I have inserted an image in a document. How can i configure this
image to scroll with the text?

Thank you

questions about ventura 10

Post by JasReedma » Wed, 09 Jun 2004 02:39:10

~~You need to set any repeating 'page furniture', e.g. Headers &
Footers, into a master page, each master page can be defined as a Page
Tag, (NB. there is always a default master page), by setting your
publication page tags, (will normally default to the default master
page tag), you can select the master page that should be used.

Checkout how to use different master pages on different pages or in
different chapters of the same publication - some one column, some
two, some three etc.

~~ You have to insert an anchor - set up the frame, click on it, (the
frame not it's content), then click the anchor key and place your
cursor within the text you want the frame to be anchored to.

You may then want to experiment with the frame properties ~ see the
placement tab with its options of how the anchoring works, (in-line,
above line within paragraph etc.), and, how the text on other lines
should run around, above, below, through etc the frame.

There are a selection of frame shapes that can be used from a
rectangle to a star - all are shown on the frame 'flyout' which hides
shapes not in use.

Hope thats OK - apologies if you know the rest already.

It's a great program - John