Bitmaps won't print in CorelDraw 9

Bitmaps won't print in CorelDraw 9

Post by rowan.brad » Fri, 07 May 2004 08:08:25


I've got an infuriating problem. I've got a CorelDraw 9 file that
includes a large B&W bitmap on each of two pages. There isn't much
else on the pages - just a few bits of text (it's a scan of a form,
with the boxes filled in with CorelDraw graphic text). When I try to
print, it usually prints the text, but not the bitmaps. Just
occasionally it works properly - can't find out when or why. Print
Preview works fine. The print dialog shows one "issue" - there are
things outside the printable area on my Epson Stylus Photo 890 printer
(I guess this is the bitmaps). I've tried "fit to page" - doesn't

Any ideas? This is driving me mad...

Thanks - Rowan

Bitmaps won't print in CorelDraw 9

Post by info » Fri, 07 May 2004 17:13:19


Try changing the "mode" on the bitmap to CMYK or RG and see if it

I had a problem with Duotone images. I actually had a single color in
pantone blue. It refused to print. I added a 2nd color and set the
color levels to zero. It then printed fine.

At printing time we skipped printing the "blank" plate.



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Bitmaps won't print in CorelDraw 9

Post by Odysseu » Sat, 08 May 2004 09:58:03

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

You should be able to eliminate the "outside printable area" as a
possible cause of the problem by setting a "Bleed Limit" of zero (or
some small value) in the Print dialog (assuming you have that option --
it's been a long time since I've used CD v9), and confirming that the
page size fits the printer's imageable area.

If that's not the problem, then I'd be inclined to assume the bitmaps
themselves are the cause. What is their resolution and size (in
megabytes)? What format were they saved in, and were they compressed?
Are they linked to the Corel layout, or embedded in it?

If downsampling them allows them to print, the problem may be a lack of
memory or disk space for the print driver. If you have Adobe Acrobat (or
a third-party Distiller equivalent) you might try writing PostScript,
converting to a PDF, and seeing if the images show up there: if they do,
the problem is more likely to be related to your printer or its driver
than to anything in the document itself.



Bitmaps won't print in CorelDraw 9

Post by Gordon » Wed, 12 May 2004 09:46:01

Make darn sure your bitmap isn't locked. If it is, it probably won't