can't get images from the slideshow

can't get images from the slideshow

Post by Characte » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 01:24:23

Which 'slideshow' is it? There are lots of programs that can produce
slide shows, including more than a few from Corel. If you have the
original application, it SHOULD be a breeze. If you can at least
identify it, that would be a big help. You could then ask your
question in the appropriate Corel forum at their private newsserver

Why don't you first download MultiExtractor and see if it would work?
You can run it unpaid/unregistered and it should tell you that much,
even if it won't actually do the extraction.

Depending on the quality you want, you could also use a decent screen
capture program such as Snagit to capture the displayed images. Only
screen image quality, but it's a start.

= Character


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2. Looking for image to image fading slideshow with thumbnails...

Hello All,

I am looking for a slide show program to include in a photo website but
cannot seem to find exactly what I am looking for.

The closest is this one:

- Simple scrolling side or bottom thumbnails
- Thumbnails automatically generated

What I really want ALSO is

- fade from picture to picture (this one above fades out and then in)

It could be a Flash extension or Dreamweaver add-on or a separate program
that creates the show. All I really want is the scrolling thumbs and smooth
fade from one pic to the next when a thumbnail is clicked. Something that is
fairly automated with an easy interface (no hand coding)

Programs I have seen have either had elaborate non-customized interfaces, or
just do a cut from picture to picture.

Any and all suggestions would be great!! Please post! :)


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