Original DDK Mirror Driver Sample Bug

Original DDK Mirror Driver Sample Bug

Post by assa » Fri, 30 Jul 2004 04:13:48

hi all

the original DDK Mirror Driver Sample contains a bug.
it seems to make long strings on the desktop, no visible.
the effect goes away when i remove the driver (and reboot).
but it comes back as soon as i load the driver.

could someone please tell me how to get rid of this bug?
or at least tell me what causes it?


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I installed sample mirror driver and run the user application,
but nothing happens except the application reports ....

How can I understand that this sample driver is doing something?

I installed debugview but I am only getting DriverEnableDriver debug
messages(I disable the debuglevel check in order to see all messages). Where
is the others?

And finally what exactly the sample driver does? Is it
complete or some parts are missing?


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