Windows 98 takes several minutes to close Device Driver

Windows 98 takes several minutes to close Device Driver

Post by Q3lib3J » Sun, 26 Nov 2006 11:28:02

I wrote an ISA Device Driver with Visual C++ and the Windows 98 DDK that runs
alright. The application that calls the Device Driver was written in Borland

However, when the application is closed, it takes several minutes for the
task to be removed from the Windows task list (although it went off screen
straight away). The application could not be renamed or overwritten until it
had finally exited from the Windows task list. Also Windows 98 does a
ScanDisk when rebooting after running this application.

I followed Walter Oney's advice in "Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver
Model" when closing the Device Driver by calling:
DispatchCleanup (fdo, Irp);
StopDevice (fdo);
RemoveDevice (fdo);

Also the application uses "CloseHandle" to close the handles that were
created for the Interface Card and the Event Flag used by the Interrupt
Handler inside the Device Driver. Furthermore the application uses
"DeviceIoControl" to tell the Device Driver to call "ObDereferenceObject
(pdx->event)" to release this Event Flag that was used by the Interrupt
Handler to synchronize the hardware with the software.

However the application still does not close cleanly.

Any clues or suggestions ?.

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