VxD: IFSMgr_Ring0_FileIO in File System Hook

VxD: IFSMgr_Ring0_FileIO in File System Hook

Post by BeniBel » Tue, 31 Aug 2004 03:20:35

i write a FileSystemApiHook to simulate (like everybody) files, so I
intercept all calls of an drive, and call IFSMgr_Ring0_FileIO to
perform it some where else.
Now I have a problem with R0_OPENCREATFILE. The function goes like it
is descripe in the 98 DDK, but when I use (for example, with
R0_GETFILESIZE or R0_READFILE) the returned handle, there came an 0E
BSOD in IFSMsr(01).
Can OpenCreateFile be called from an hook function?
And how are the parameter exact, in the DDK stands the arguments are
in bx, cx, dl, dh, and the returned handle in ax, but this seems
strangs since the other functions want the handle in ebx, with 16 bit
In a post i have read, the handle came in eax, but there is allways 0,
and somewhere else stands, the parameters are in ebx, ecx and edx, but
then is the result INVALID_FUNCTION.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, but that is not my first language.

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