Video driver: video memory mapping fails under Windows 2000 Server

Video driver: video memory mapping fails under Windows 2000 Server

Post by Olivie » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 06:22:23

I did noticed that I can map less video memory when using
Windows 2000 Server than when using Windows 2000 Pro.
Does anybody know any work-around for this issue ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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I'm trying to run Hasbro's Diplomacy under Wine but get booted after
the introductory video and told that "This game needs 32 Mb of video
memory". The terminal displays:

fixme:mixer:ALSA_MixerInit No master control found on ATI IXP Modem,
disabling mixer
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x34f374,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:ddraw:IDirectDrawImpl_SetCooperativeLevel (0x158fa58)->((nil),

as the game crashes. Does this sound like a Wine issue or a Linux
issue? I have no trouble running the game under Windows where the
128Mb 'shared' video RAM appear sufficient. It has to be said that my
graphics card is a rather poor ATI RADEON 200M XPRESS, using the
equally rather poor FGLRX driver by ATI.

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