Export PM 7.0 to pdf - Font not appearing

Export PM 7.0 to pdf - Font not appearing

Post by rhennesse » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 01:46:19


Recently I have been tasked with preparing marketing materials
(due to a layoff). I use a True Type Font to incorporate the font
into the PM file. (Works like Wingdings.) This was all working fine
until about 2 weeks ago.

Now when I export the PM file to pdf, the font appears on the pdf
as the "characters" used to access the font. EPS and GIFs etc.
appear too fuzzy and unprofessional to use. I have the font embeded
in the file, and resolution set high. I have to get these docs
completed and I have no idea (nor does our webmaster) why this is

Has anyone ever experienced this?