Problem printing 13x19 composite file to Canon I9100

Problem printing 13x19 composite file to Canon I9100

Post by KARL WOL » Sat, 07 May 2005 08:43:24

Canon says the problem is with Adobe. Printer will not print the image on
the page, but rather off to one side, so half the image (brochure) is

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Somebody else brought it up, and that got me looking at it. He's right;
there is a definite tendency for reds to shift. A straight print of a
red car, using ColorSync, comes out noticably pink/orange (it is a bit
difficult to define the precise color).

My display is calibrated with a Pantone ColorVision Spyder and I am
running Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 on a Mac G4 PowerBook with OS X
10.2.8. The on-screen color is very close to the actual color of the
car. The print isn't.

I tried shutting off ColorSync and reducing cyan in the print driver,
but that shifted it more toward brown than red. I don't think that
should happen either. Cyan is across from red in the color wheel so
reducing cyan should increase red.

There is something odd here and I would appreciate any ideas. Is it
possible to create your own ICC profile and have this printer use it?
If so, how? I have VueScan and a calibrated Epson 2450 scanner.
VueScan can create printer profiles, but I am not sure if this is the
correct approach or not. The last time I tried it with a Canon S520, I
got better results using ColorSync.

I am cross-posting this to the scanner group because that is home to
most of the VueScan experts.

Robert B. Peirce, Venetia, PA 724-941-6883

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