CMYK from PM to PDF: why does the values change?

CMYK from PM to PDF: why does the values change?

Post by Renat » Wed, 01 Mar 2006 00:48:26

I have defined in PM 7.0.1 (with Windows XP) a yellow color: C: 0%, M: 0%,
Y: 100%, K: 0%
I want exactly this colour in the PDF, too.
But the result in the PDF is: C: 6%, M: 0%, Y: 96%, K: 0%
I have the same problem with all other colours.
Another example: original defined colour: C: 100%, M: 0%, Y: 100%, K: 10%
Result in PDF: C: 89%, M: 27%, Y: 100%, K: 15%

I made the PDF with the Acrobat Distiller 5.0.

I know this would be normal, if I would use a CMS. But the CMS from PM 7
is off and the CMS from the Distiller is off. So why does Adobe change my
colours? How can I prevent my colours from this transformation?

I have tested this also with PDFcreator (freeware): The same problem from
PM 7.0.
Then I have tested Scribus: It makes a perfect PDF-document with exactly
the defined colour (CMS = off).

Only Adobe PageMaker has such a strange behavour.

Thanks for help!


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