Free plug-ins brushes etc etc

Free plug-ins brushes etc etc

Post by Harry Lime » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 01:13:27

I thought I would post this link to's free download page, there
are patterns, shapes, plug-in etc, etc., I expect that some of you will have
been there? this is for those who have not!
There are lots of sponsored links which is where they make their money


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Sure! I generally feel to 'noobish' to bother the core members of
significant projects with questions on how I can start helping out.

Nothing can replace having questions answered in a live conversation
with those knowledgeable in the area (after doing research on your own
first of course). For instance, if one of my friends had not been an
experienced Linux user of many years, learning the tricks of the trade
whilst crossing over from Windows would have been much more difficult.
That's why mailing lists are so cool! So yeah, big up!
Looking at other successful community projects like Firefox, with its
daily (I think?) testing periods might be a good place to get ideas?

Anyway, just the opinion of one of those newbies that will be getting
helped out.

Gustav Paul

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