PI 11 > Can color management be customized per workspace profile?

PI 11 > Can color management be customized per workspace profile?

Post by Joey » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 17:57:49

I posted earlier about my printing problem and I'm trying to find a
workaround. I think I might have done so, but it means adjusting the gamma
in Photoimpact (to 1.00). This darkens my pictures within PI considerably,
but at least the colors I see on screen match those that come out of my

But this means that any images I edit in this 'dark' mode will be too bright
if I email them or post them to the web. The default PI gamma is fine for
my images - they display the same on my laptop as on any other computer.

The only possibility I can think of is to create a 'printing' workspace
whereby I can switch to this dark gamma prior to printing, so that I can see
the predicted printing outcome, adjust the brightness/contrast for prints as
necessary, and then switch back to my normal workspace after I've finished

But is this possible? Is the gamma shared across workspaces?


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