Rendering transparent layers to SDI output

Rendering transparent layers to SDI output

Post by Tommy.Vanh » Sat, 14 May 2005 22:15:24

I need to get started on a project, supposed to render graphical
objects via SDI (vid + keying) to a tv screen, thus being transparent
except for the rendered part...

Like a channel logo on a TV for example...

I was wandering if it is possible to do this by building my own custom
platform using a NVidia Quadro FX4000 SDI.
If it is would I be doing it in OpenGL/VB/C++? Or do I need a third
party development kit?

I need to combine 4 seperate layers (overlay)! Objects that need to be
rendered are TIFF/DIFF/TARGA files and AVI (dv codec) for

If someone has some experience with realtime rendering of such objects,
please help me out. Thank you!

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Hi, I have a pretty complex problem, let me explain a little.

I am making an SDI application and I am trying to create a kind of skin
for this application.

In may main view's OnDraw, I am Drawing some PNG images that makes the
border that have a semi transparent effect on the edges.

My problem is how do I make the backframe transparent. I was able to
obtain some kind of result by ovverriding the view's OnEraseBackground
method by simply not doing anything in the method. But the problem is
that as soon as I move the window, the semi-transparent region does not
get redrawn, so the graphics from the applications below gets moved
around with the window.

As soon as I minimize/maximize the window or cover it by another window,
it gets redrawn properly.

what kind of message should I send to the window to only get the region
around my borders refreshed?

Is this got to do with the Mainframe containing the View or should I
only deal with the view?

Thanks for any help!


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