unintended 3D effect on computer flat screen?

unintended 3D effect on computer flat screen?

Post by dhm_at_bes » Mon, 19 Nov 2007 14:45:20

When I am watching a movie on a matte color flat screen, I
notice that the light quality is different depending on the angle of
screen on its hinges.

When the screen is perpendicular to my face, the image is at its
brightest and best quality. When I tilt the screen up or down, I
notice the polarizing effect that starts to slightly change the image

Here is what I need to ask:

If I tilt my head 45-90 degrees like I'm laying down looking at the
screen sideways, and the screen is not perpendicular to my face
(tilted a bit on the hinges), then
the light polarization from the screen is slightly different in one
than the other, and there is a 3D effect. Am I right or am I just
imagining this?