ANN: Free Vector Graphics ActiveX

ANN: Free Vector Graphics ActiveX

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Vector Graphics ActiveX is a graphics component oriented for creating
business and technology solutions. Based on COM technology it can be
used by other applications to process graphic documents, analyze and
visualize any kind of processes.
Vector Graphics ActiveX is the ultimate graphics solution for you. It
is the easy-to-use for creating technical drawings, illustrations and
presentation, training material and business reports, charts and
diagrams and much more. Vector Graphics ActiveX offers a wide range of
new features and enhancements designed to increase productivity and
extend your creative possibilities.
Component is based on Layer-Class-Shape architecture. It means, that
all displayed shapes are owned by the certain classes and can not
exist themselves. Drawing shapes depends on a classes they are
belonging, but each shape has an opportunity to draw itself. Thus the
constructed architecture allows to repeatedly reduce the size of the
stored data, to increase speed of loading and displaying documents,
and also to provide excellent speed of program work with documents
containing around 1 000 000 shapes.

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2. [ANN] vector graphics system 2.2 released

The animated vector graphics system 2.2 is released. is an
optimized vector graphics system based on GDI+, with a graphical designer
integrated in Visual Studio .NET. The run-time dll is free. is ideal for anyone implementing custom graphical Controls, or anyone
frustrated by inherent limitations in Windows Forms Controls.
graphical objects support true transparency, transformations such as
rotation, automatic optimized painting of a minimal number of pixels, mouse
events, animation of any graphical property, and hundreds of other features.
Because is component oriented, you can build reusable libraries of
industry-specific graphical classes.

New features in this release include path gradients, path movement and
tracking, and text formatting properties. You may read more and download a
demo on this page:

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