Converting Metafile Companion Picture to JPEG or GIF

Converting Metafile Companion Picture to JPEG or GIF

Post by robgraha » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 23:34:41

Anyone know how to do this, without printing and scanning it?

Rob Graham

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We have a application that exports Word RTF files that we must get into a
consolidated master document. The master document has strict margin
limitations so we are not able to take the RTF files and directly paste them
into the consolidted document. Does anyone have any code, or can point me to
something similar, that does the following:

1. Open up the exported RTF file
2. Change the view to outline view.
3. Highlight and select the first page and do a copy.
4. Go back to the master document and do a paste special metafile.
5. Resize the picture to the margins.
6. Redo steps 3-5 until all pages of the RTF file have been pasted in.

If anyone has any better ideas on how this might be done, will appreciate
any help. Many of the exported RTF files are hundreds of pages long, and
pasting one page at a time is very time consuming. This is the only way we
have found that maintains all of the formatting of the original RTF file and
can be fitted into the designated margins. It gets the job done but there
has to be a better way. Thanks,


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