How to get a font on a website- Tahoma, special size

How to get a font on a website- Tahoma, special size

Post by go_on_8 » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 15:04:34

I apologize because this is not necessarily a graphics question;
however, it has to do with websites and I didn't know where else to

I'm competent in basic HTML and have been building websites by hand
for years. Right now I'm in the midst of creating a new website, and
there is a certain font I'd like to use for the body text. I'm almost
positive this font is Tahoma- however, I can't get it in the size I
want. "2" is too large; "1" is too small.

I found the perfect examples of the font I want at these two websites:

However, they both seem to use Javascript which I am not familiar
with- is JS necessary to obtain that particular font size?

Please help- any information or advice will be greatly appreciate.
Thank you!!

How to get a font on a website- Tahoma, special size

Post by iehsmit » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 04:13:20

Shank is correct, styles sheet is the way to go for setting font
sizes. If you want the viewer to be able to enlarge or reduce
the size it's recommended that you use percentages or smallest
to largest, if however you want it to be set at one propitional size
for layout purposes I recommend using pixel (px) sizes.

Shanl's also correct that they won't see Tacoma if they don't have
Tacoma, exspecially across platforms. You should always provide
standard alternatives such as:
Verdana (win) = Geneva (mac)
Arial = Helvetica
Times New Roman = Times
sans-serif (generic)
There are now fonts supplied with browser installs and other apps
that are generally shared (but not always) on both platforms:
Georgia, Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman ... so alwasy try to
include alternative for other platform. Name the Win font you
want first, then your lesser choices.

As in: font-family: Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif

If you really want to deliver Tacoma to a wider group you should look
into dynamic font generation. These fonts are rasterized, placed on
your server and linked into your style sheet and/or html document.

Get info at:

You are allowed to actually link to the fonts (pfr's) supplied on the
true doc site, but this can be slow and kinda hinkie.

You might want to look up dynamic or web fonts at on the browser
sites too.

Hope this helps,