Exporting object space data

Exporting object space data

Post by Jacky Lu » Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:35:55

AFAIK most exporters export data in world space, is it possible to export
object space data instead? say just a mount point etc in front of the
character's chest?

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2. Interpolating log-spaced data to obtain linear-spaced data

I have data that is a function of frequency. The frequency points are
defined in the logarithmic scale.

I need to perform an inverse Fourier transform on this data. However,
since the frequency points are not linearly-spaced, the results of this
operation are not accurate.

Is there an accurate interpolation algorithm that would give me data
for linearly-spaced frequency points, given data for log-scaled
frequency points?

Approaching the problem from a different angle: have you successfully
implemented your own version of a DFT function for log-spaced data?

Tips, pointers and any help are appreciated!

Thanks for your help,

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