Pov-ray over oscar cluster

Pov-ray over oscar cluster

Post by Jeff Smti » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 07:18:54

Does anyone on this list have any experence with Pov-ray over a oscar
cluster ? I'm having from trouble running pov-ray on the cluster, Pov-ray
seems to execute Fine, Just I don't see where; if at all; making the image.
Here is the output of the command I use to execute pov-ray over the cluster
[jsmith@node0 jsmith]$ cexec --all povray desk.pov
************************* oscar_cluster *************************
--------- oscarnode1.cluster.dsmsmith.com---------
[jsmith@node0 jsmith]$

if you are wondering the cexec is the command i use to execute things over
the cluster

it doens't give me any error message, so I would assume it worked, I'm using
version 3.5 pov-ray for linux. I need to know where its storing the image it
rendered, and if its possible to output on the screen the status of the
picture being rendered ? And also, do i have to give pov-ray any special
instructions on what config file to use ? or does it just look for the
default povray.conf file ? pov-ray works fine on the main node, but I want
to use all the computers to draw the image.

Pov-ray over oscar cluster

Post by Paul Bourk » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 16:08:10

> Does anyone on this list have any experence with Pov-ray over a oscar

I've done tonnes of this sort of thing, doing it right now in fact.
There are some details here
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ~pbourke/povray/
for splitting up single frames. Mostly though I use it for animations
on up to 200 processors.

However, you haven't given nearly enough information. In particular
what OS is you cluster running? How does cexec do? Can you render
the image on one machine?
Paul Bourke