simulation of a field of vision in mirror

simulation of a field of vision in mirror

Post by lojur » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 23:14:12

I'm interested in your opinions about
the following problem. I've got, among
other CAD programs, 3ds r3 and
want to know if it's possible to create
following simulation:

This concerns any kind of mirror but because of the character of project
I'm writing about car mirror.
What is needed is a field of vision of a
driver who is looking in the rear view mirror or side mirror
which is projected on the ground.
In other words
what driver can see in the mirror
and that vision projected on horizontal surface.

I've got CATIA v5 and AutoCad 2004 but
I know 3ds best. What would be your advice?.
Which program would be the best?. But I want to know
if it can be done in 3ds r3.
Any ideas how to do it?.

Do you know any other forums in which such problems
are being posted?. I would be thankful for
links to forums about 3ds and generally about
3d graphics.
Thanks for help.

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2. Smoke and Mirrors: mirrored concat / concat mirrors

Hi all - I have a JBOD with a bunch of disks, and need to create a
~200gb slice on this using LVM on Sol 9. I've allocated 2 disks to a hot
spare pool already. This leaves me with 6 new disks in order to create
my ~200gb slice. They're all on the same controller, nice (not my choice).

I'm thinking of ways to do this.

Example 1:

mirror d4, made up of a concat of disks 0,1,2 (d14) and a concat of
disks 3,4,5 (d24)


d14 d24
0 1 2 3 4 5

If I lose a disk on one side the spare should kick in, but if I lose
another disk on the other side whilst this is syncing, I've lost my
data. I could lose up to three disks (on one side only) and still serve
up data.

Example 2:

mirror d4, made up of a concat of mirrors d14 (disks 0,1), d24 (disks
2,3) d34 (disks 4,5)


d14 0 1
d24 2 3
d34 4 5

Here I can lose up to 3 disks (in different mirrors) but if I lose 2
disks in the same mirror I'm knackered. However if I lose one disk I'm
only syncing up 72gb of data as opposed to ~200gb in example 1.

Is example 2 any better than example 1 for resiliency? Will LVM even
allow me to do this? If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most
appreciative. Resiliency is more important than outright speed, and read
speed is more important than write speed.

Maybe I should stick with example 1.

Or is it too early on Monday and I haven't had enough coffee yet :) Damn
long weekends and no sleep.



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