insteon tech questions

insteon tech questions

Post by pete » Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:29:53

Two questions:

(1) I have a remotelinc, a switchlinc V2 (in wall dimmer) with no load, and
a lamplinc with a lamp. How do I link all of them together such that both
the remotelinc and the switchlinc control the lamplinc, and the LEDs on the
switchlinc reflects the brightness of the lamp on the lamplinc even if the
remotelinc was used to turn it on?

I have established the 2 access points and have linked the switchlinc to the
lamplinc, but could not link the remotelinc to the switchlinc or the
lamplinc. This is not a simple one controller to one device link, I suspect
more complex sequence is needed to establish the links.

(2) Is there a PC-based controller with a GUI interface that would display
all devices/controllers and the links, and allows simple click/drag to
create new links?

insteon tech questions

Post by Bruce » Thu, 17 Apr 2008 05:02:20

If you do the linking manually you have to link each one to each other -
both ways! It's far simpler to do it with software. I have tried a
number of hardware/software solutions for programming the Insteon stuff
over the past 2 years and have been sorely disappointed with each till I
recently tried the Universal Devices ISY-26 controller which has since
been replaced with the expanded ISY-99i controller.

Simply put, this is the first standalone Insteon Controller that's
ready for Prime Time. The ISY series is a standalone box that plugs into
your server and an Insteon PLM. It will crawl your system and show you
what you have and display all the current links. Adding a link is a drag
& drop proposition - EASY. Create scenes, timer or conditional programs
easily and it is all stored in the box. You do not need to leave a PC
running and you can log on from any PC anywhere.

In addition to displaying and creating links you can set dim levels and
ramp rates with sliders on the screen and the controller sends the info
to the switches. The box will even send emails or text messages if you

You'll pay about $300 for this (or $370 with built in IR) but I believe
that you will find it to be worth every penny. The less expensive
solutions I have tried are not nearly as user friendly or well
supported - I have tried most if not all of them. Also, you will find
their support to be top notch with the company owners/engineers
monitoring and responding to questions on the their forum 7 days a week.

The software version as of today is 2.6.3 with 2.6.4 due later this
week. They continually upgrade the software in response to user requests
and their own ideas. And, if you have any legacy X10 the ISY is fully
compatible so it can be used as a translator as well.

And, for those with UPB or Z-Wave, ISY versions for those are "coming

You can buy direct from
As you can see I am VERY enthusiastic about this product and I believe
that every Insteon user will share that enthusiasm if they try it. I do
not sell this product nor do I get anything for recommending it. The
product has fully earned my recommendation and support.