Starting a new business -- Note: This is peripheral to CHA

Starting a new business -- Note: This is peripheral to CHA

Post by Robert L. » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 01:02:01

gt; I have been reading this group occasionally now for about a year. I

Hi Will,

I've been in the trade for a while and have tried some things that
worked and others that didn't. Here are a few thoughts to consider.

Yellow Pages -

At least 1/2 page in the OK City big book. Anything less says
"we're small potatoes" and won't draw much attention.
Keep the ad simple and concise, listing the major products
and services you offer but not necessarily which brands.
Limit images to your logo and one descriptive picture.
Do NOT put up a wall of text. No one will read it.
Make your phone number and company name the same font
and type size, preferably 24-30 points. These are the two
most important things in the ad and you want them to be

Mailers / Hand-Outs and Fliers -

Don't waste your money. These are just litter waiting to

Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers -

Reach out to every agent or broker you can find. Offer a

Sales -

This may sound corny, but "Dress for Success" really
works. Get the book and follow it, no matter how stupid
it seems.

You know just as much in your pajamas as you do in an
Armani suit. But when you wear the same kind of clothes
to a sales call as the client wears to his office, he is more
likely to listen to what you're saying. It's stupid but it's

Hardware -

Open accounts with at least two major distributors.
ADI is a good source of wholesale security and automation
gear. Systems Depot is another. Both of theise firms want
to see a license if your state requires one.

Forget Worthington. They lie and they will try to steal
your customers. They have a few customers who plug them
in USENET but for a dealer they're poison.

Online Sales -

You can augment your income with a decent website but
it's a lot of work. Talk to me by phone if you like. My
personal line is 941-926-8166.

Product & Supplier Information -

Register with CEDIA and attend the conference in Indianapolis
next month. If you want to sell monitored security as part of
your HA packages, contact Ron Wies ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ).

His company is a co-op central station in Tulsa. They have a
decent reputation and Ron seems like a good guy. Here's
their URL -

Good luck. Call if you need some help.


Bass Home Electronics, Inc
2291 Pine View Circle
Sarasota ?Florida ?34231
877-722-8900 Sales & Tech Support
941-925-9747 Fax
941-232-0791 Wireless
Nextel Private ID - 161*21755*1


Starting a new business -- Note: This is peripheral to CHA

Post by Frank Olso » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 12:05:19

When's the last time you installed *anything*???

Yellow pages are a waste of time and money...

Add home builders and electrical contractors. Some electrical contractors
don't have the time or inclination for the low voltage stuff. Offer
prewires at cut rates to the electrical contractor (cover your wire cost and
add a few bucks for the folks at home). If you give them the right profit
margin they'll inundate you with calls. Use the brochures you've made as a
starting point. That's the "end user cost". Give the electrical contractor
the brochure and tell them that everything on it is discounted to them by a
certain percentage (shoot for 30% - that'll give you a decent margin). At
the bottom of the brochure make sure you leave a nice box with the
contractor's name and wording like: "Agent for ABC Networking Ltd." in
smaller letters. Pretty soon you'll have five trucks (with crews) on the

Keep up your WCB and insurance. Most contractors want that.

I've got way more ideas so you feel free to email me.