Misterhouse and CM15A

Misterhouse and CM15A

Post by scimon » Thu, 03 Feb 2005 03:43:30

Does anyone know if the CM15A will work with the MisterHouse software?

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Hi all,
I'm a newbie in X10 (Europe-)land. I've just configure a CM11, W800RF,
Misterhouse and some lamp modules. I use SUSE 9.0. This works great.
(Thanks Bruce Winter, great program).
Because I'm often in the USA and because X10 devices are much cheaper
there, I'm planning to buy the some Hawkeye motion detectors. But I
will have problems to use them here in Europe, because the device here
works on 433.92Mhz and in the USA on 300 MHz.
To use them I'm thinking of a setup, to use my Misterhome pc as a
relay station. I already do this now for my current W800RF (european
version) and CM11.
But I wonder if I can add another W800RF (usa version) and use this
one to receive the Hawkeye motion signals and translate these signal
to my current CM11.
Anybody has an idea if this is possible?

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