How do you select a controller?

How do you select a controller?

Post by Paul » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:39:43

Newbie here -

I want to work up to some fairly complex scripting for operating pool and
home shop equipment. After reading all the posts here for a month I can't
determine whether I need only a low-end controller, a medium controller, or
a computer interface and computer. I can't get a feel for how many pieces,
and what their relationship to each other is. I understand the modules, jut
not the parts from there up.

Where is the breakover point between using something like an Ocelot, or a
computer, or do you need a computer to program an Ocelot?

How do you select a controller?

Post by Southwest » Fri, 31 Oct 2003 02:33:53

You do need a computer to program an Ocelot, but the Ocelot can run
stand-alone once programmed. This is a big benefit as the Ocelot is
far less likely to crash than your PC.

Another advantage of the Ocelot is the hardwired accessories like
relay banks and i/o modules. These obviously will be more reliable
than x-10 PLC devices for your pool control and semi-critical

I've had an Ocelot running my HA for several years now and never had a
failure. I'm also running a Homevision unit and may switch more of my
events over to that controller in the future. Both the Ocelot and
Homevision will let you develop quite complex conditional operations
and both run stand-alone.

If you're comfortable with a 24/7 computer managing your HA then give
Homeseer a try and see if that is all you need. If you decide to go
with one of the others I mentioned, Homeseer will still be useful and
not a waste of your money.

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How do you select a controller?

Post by Bruce » Fri, 31 Oct 2003 04:22:10

Have a look at the JDS Stargate (

How do you select a controller?

Post by Dean Rodde » Fri, 31 Oct 2003 05:01:22

On the computer front, check out CQC ( It's built in
object oriented macro/device interfaceing language is very powerful. It
doesn't need any external tools, since it comes with it's own graphical IDE.
It support serial, ethernet, and USB devices, X-10 and IR. It's a secure,
account based system. It's fully network distributed. And it lets you create
your own very powerful user interfaces for control.