Wireless security/burglar systems

Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by Mark J Hay » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 09:52:46

I was looking at getting an Ademco Lynx after reading comments about the
various wireless systems on the newsgroups. However, I worry about the
vulnerability of the control unit. If you have a breakin, the built in
siren goes off, and the goblin knows exactly where the control unit is.
Then with one big hit the unit is disabled and no more dialing out,

If the unit is hidden in a closet, the sound will still draw him to it.

If we were to buy a remote siren (and keyfobs/control panel) is there a
way to disable the built in siren without opening the controller and
cutting wires etc?

Can anyone suggest a better system, where this is not an issue? Please
keep the following limits in mind:
1) I am trying to keep the cost within reason (not to say cheap, just
2) Hardwiring is impractical (2 story home, no crawl space, cathedral
ceilings upstairs)
3) Dial out capabilities essential
4) Only 4 opening doors/windows on the ground floor, planning on 2
motion sensors upstairs (in case anyone knows of a kit that has that
number of sensors)



Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by JoeRaisi » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 11:22:20

Without seeing your house I would suggest a regular panel in a closet or
mechanical room close to the phone demarc outside. Since (in this area
anyway) the demarc is next to the electrical service which would usually
have a mechanical room directly inside. Going by most homes I have seen, it
is generally likely that one wall of this room connects to a hallway or some
such which is near an external door. A keypad with built in wireless
receiver on that wall. Siren as far away as you can get running the wire
behind the baseboard - then insdie wall to whatever height you desire.
You may be able to hard wire the nearby door - but regardless you can likely
make all the zones wireless.
If you shop around you can probably find a First Alert or Ademco panel that
is within your budget - but you can expect to spend a couple hundred bucks
to do anything worth having.

Even without a crawlspace or attic start eying your baseboards and see where
going behind them as well as door trim might get you. Often you can get all
the way around the primeter of a house behind the boards... when you get to
a room, just pop through the wall keeping the holes behind the boards on
both sides and keep going. With the right trim work you can get a hell of
a channel back there. Keep your door contacts low on the leading edge and
they won't be too hard to fish.

Not a method used often among the folks here I bet (I know I rarely ever
do) - because it is very time consuming and generally a pain in the ass.
But if you are a diy'er trying to save some bucks a few weekends with a
small prybar could save you a bundle.

Keep in mind that an install like that is a lot like making sausage... nice
results but nobody wants to see it being made....

Oh yeah.... and you need much patience or you sometimes end up with just a
bunch of splintered scrapwood....

Good luck.



Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by Mark or Su » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 11:28:36

Visonic Powermax has menu control over whether the siren is used or not.
Same with the entry/exit chirps. You can hardwire a siren or use X-10
powerhorn sirens. I don't know what the Lynx costs, but I'd buy two Powermax
kits for what you want to cover (this provides a total of 2 base units, 4
door/window sensors, 2 motions, 2 fobs). This will cost just over $400. This
way, you'll have a spare base unit should one break on its own or be smashed
by an intruder. You can also buy a wireless remote (requires a passcode for
arm/disarm) for $75. Many places have the programming guide, users guide,
and installers guide online so you can fully research the features before
buying it. I've found the best prices at norcoalarms.com.

Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by Robert Ski » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 12:11:03

Ademco Lynx is a pretty solid unit. You can put a remote siren on this
system and disable the panel siren by just unplugging it inside the control

I only suggest the Lynx for apartments. For your house I would put in a DSC
5010. The keypad would be the 5501z with a wireless receiver built in. It
comes in kit form consisting of one wireless motion, two mini door/window
contacts and one keyfob. The DSC can support up to 32 wireless devices and
since the change to the 433 mhz frequency, it is pretty reliable.

There are a variety of on line vendors in the ASA group who will sell DSC,
Ademco , Caddix, ITI etc.

The upside with using the keypad with the built in receiver is that you only
need to run one wire to the main floor, the brains are protected in the
ba *** t.

Good Luck!

Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by JayPeeEy » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 15:11:40

On Tue, 01 Jul 2003 17:52:46 -0700 I replied to Mark J
Haythornthwaite < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > on a piece of toilet paper while
scribbling their name and phone number on the bathroom wall in

The lynx is a lot of fun as you can have it record voices for
certain sensors/contacts being tripped like "shut the door" or
"shut that window"

But if you live in a house, not an apartment, it doesn't give you
enough items to cover unless its a very small house.

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Wireless security/burglar systems

Post by Dan Adkin » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 11:23:18

You raise some valid concerns. I would go with a separate alarm panel
with a remoted siren. This will solve two issues, one is your worry of
this issue, and the other is the risk associated with this issue. Wise

Dan Adkins


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