Image on site when doorbell rings

Image on site when doorbell rings

Post by smarthome » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 02:02:36

Hi Guys

just finished a new little project
when somebody rings my doorbell a image (movie) of that person is
directly put on my site
and also the picture is send to my Cell phone
works great
please comment and i like some other ideas to put on my site

thanks very much

1. Turning on the modem rings the doorbell ~ solved.

2. Turning on the modem, rings the doorbell.

XP SP2 cable modem, cable to wireless router.

I have just upgraded to ADSL2+, and find the speed just a little faster
but the connection sometimes slows down, and oft times drops off.
Other times the modem shows 4 lights (nettcomm) but if I have
<not> been surfing and idle for say an hour, I cannot connect to a server.
I have to turn off the switch at the wall, and switch back on
to get connectivity again.

Yesterday I switched the modem on, and the doorbell rang.
Is that possible? or just random weirdness.

1 phone in the house, with on line filter, wireless doorchime about 4 feet

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