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M.Tech. GIS
Mobile: + 91-0-9740819557

To seek a challenging job which will enable me to learn constantly and
ensure exposure to new technologies.

Software Skill Set
GIS Software : ArcGIS 9.0, ArcView, ARC/Info, ArcGIS Server,
AutoCAD Map
Remote Sensing Software : ERDAS 8.7
GIS Development Language : Arc Object 9.0
Global Positioning System : Leica Geosystems GPS with Arc
Pad 6.0
RDBMS : MS-Access, Oracle 9i
Programming Languages : Visual Basic 6.0, C
Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows Platforms

Work Experience
RCE (I) Pvt., Ltd., Noida
Period : July, 2007- Till Date
Client : Reliance Digital World Ltd., Mumbai
Environment : Windows XP
Tool : ArcGIS Server, AutoCAD Map 2000i
Role and Responsibility : GIS Engineer
: After
demographic data collection the corresponding
features to be
updated in the Reliance Database.

Work Description

Reliance Digital World Ltd., is in the process of building a detailed
country wide GIS infrastructure to support various telecom projects.
The features present in the database is captured using Satellite Image
(IKONOS) which was taken about 2 to 3 years back, hence the data
updated the land base survey. The changes in the Land base (like
construction of new buildings, light poles, land mark, roads, median,
pedestrian crossing etc). updated in a single version.

M.Tech., Project
Organization : National Institute of Rural
Hyderabad, Andhra
Worked as : Trainee
Duration : Dec. 2006 May 2007
Domain : GIS, Remote Sensing
Project : Sustainable Development of
Maili Watershed in
Houshiarpur District,
Punjab Using Spatial
Information Technology.
To formulate a model by using Remote Sensing Imagery to identify areas
for suitable watershed treatment plans and generate implemental Acton
Plan Maps to suggest Soil and water conservation measures for
comprehensive and sustainable developments using Remote Sensing and
GIS techniques.
Technology: ArcGIS, ERDAS

TRC Consultants (I) Pvt., Ltd., Bangalore
Period : 6th June 2002 31st May 2005
Client : Water Resources Dept. (A.P)
Environment : Windows XP
Tool : ArcGIS 9.0, AutoCAD Map 2000i
Role and Responsibility : GIS Operator
: Digitization
and Georeferencing

Project : Integrated Land
and Water Resources Conservation
Development Plan using Remote Sensning and
GIS, Renga
Reddy Dist, AP.

To prepare Land Use / Land Cover from Quickbird Image, to prepare land
and water conservation and update 60years old cadastral maps based on
Quickbird image.


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