WMS, Time, and ArcMap

WMS, Time, and ArcMap

Post by Matthew Ha » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 22:41:25

I have been using WMS in ArcMap with good success but I have recently
come across a WMS server that supports WMS 1.1.1 and time!! This
server, both private and secured, lets the client have access to 4
dimensional data! There are the usual latitude and longitude, there is
a level or depth, and time. Just fooling around I was able to use the
time dimension by manipulating the url and it was pretty neat. I want
to be able to do this in ArcMap but I don't see how. I have been trying
to get a straight answer from ESRI on this but they keep referring me to
ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, or just flat out telling me that WMS doesn't
support time despite my pointing out the specs at
to do this? If there isn't a GUI approach then can it be done in
ArcObjects somehow? At the worst, I guess I would have to replicate
their WMS layer and add support for time and level myself.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Matthew Hanna

WMS, Time, and ArcMap

Post by Berend Vel » Fri, 23 Sep 2005 19:06:21


I had a quick look at the developer help, but at first glance it looks
like this cannot be done at this moment. There a WMSRequest event which
passes the url, but since it's passed by value, you wouldn't be able to
alter it. There's more information, but I don't have time right now to
dive into it. Just have a look at the ArcGIS Developer Help (type "WMS"
in the index to see what's there).
And post to forums.esri.com, if you haven't done that already.