Non interleaved vertex data

Non interleaved vertex data

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If you mean use arrays of components instead of arrays of vertices
containing interleaved components, then yes you can do this with
multiple streams. Some cards don't support more than 1 stream though,
so you will need to support the interleaved case anyway. Look at
SetStreamSource and the MaxStreams capability.
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2. Performance Gain with Page-based interleaving over Bank-based interleaving

I'm using 8260. According to Motorola's manual, page-based interleaving
would give highest performance. Has anyone done any benchmarking to
determine the percentage gain when switched to page-based interleaving?

What about with page-based interleaving working with Page mode select to
leave a page open until page miss or refresh (rather than back-to-back mode)?

I could have done the experiment myself and figure out any gain we may get.
Unfortunately, we ran into some hurdles, and I need to see if the gain is
worth the pain/cost in overcoming that hurdle.

Any feedbacks would be appreciated.

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