Importing DirectX Mesh Materials and Textures From Maya 6.0 .X Fil

Importing DirectX Mesh Materials and Textures From Maya 6.0 .X Fil

Post by S25pZ2h0IF » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:49:02

Normally when you load a mesh file in say VB.Net and DirectX 9.0c you return
the ExtendedMesh information which is automatically retrieved from the X
File. The information that is loaded is the Mesh Materials and the related
Mesh Textures, you simply store this information into a seperate material and
texture array's, then upon rendering of the mesh you set the material's and
textures in a simple loop until all materials and textures are applied.

The problem I noticed with the Maya 6.0 produced X Files is this:
TextureFilename {

The information for the texture's filename is missing, yet the information
data relative to handling is still there.

How do I properly export this data from Maya 6.0 properly to an .x file,
then import it into my DirectX application where it shows the materials and

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