Advice on new Hardware/OS for Apache HTTP Server

Advice on new Hardware/OS for Apache HTTP Server

Post by snar » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 09:44:05

oh you shouldn't fear self-compiling. it's not very hard and the end result
is a binary that you can really trust!

i'm running a very large website (10 million pages a day, all full of PHP
and database calls) on a cluster of HP DL380 G3's with dual 2.8ghz xeon,
4G ram, redhat 7.3, apache 2. it's a *very* powerful configuration,
certainly beats any sun offering hands down in terms of price/performance.

go with the linux/intel. it will handle anything you throw at it.


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I have one IP address on the internet.
A linux box running apache (via Redhat Linux 9) has port 80 facing the internet.
People can access this box by typing (

Now when an internet user types in a certain domain (ie., I want
apache on the first machine, to forward that request to a second linux/apache
box on the same subnet, that handles all requests for

Can apache do this/is this possible?

Note I *do not* want to just run apache on the second box on port 81 or something.
I want both domains to be on port 80, go to the same IP address, but the first
apache be able to route http requests to, on its own.

Can it be done?

Thank you!


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