problems with Cobalt Raq4 email aliases

problems with Cobalt Raq4 email aliases

Post by wasted_jun » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 02:22:14

I've recently tried to set up my email server on our Raq4 and cannot
seem to get email aliases working correctly. When I send emails
directly to the account address everything is fine, but any emails
sent to an alias bounce immediately telling me the user is unknown.
Does anyone have experience with this problem? The raq has the current
updates and patches applied already.

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I have a Cobalt Raq4R server that is having issues with sendmail. The
email service unexpectly quits at around 11am and 2pm daily. It
usually recovers on it's own in about 6 minutes.

I've installed all the latest patches for the Cobalt Raq 4.

Sometimes it takes several trys of stopping and restarting the
services to get both the POP3 and SMTP services to start again.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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