Create Bitmap using GDI+ FromBitmapInfo() from IMediaDet::GetBitmapBits

Create Bitmap using GDI+ FromBitmapInfo() from IMediaDet::GetBitmapBits

Post by amupatk » Thu, 19 Oct 2006 15:54:21

I used GetBitmapBits() of IMediaDet. I got the bitmap buffer.
Now I created a Bitmap from this buffer. I tried painting this Bitmap
in a Graphics object using the DrawImage().
It draws the specified bitmap but with change in color.
Can you help me to correct colors?

My code:
HRESULT hr = (*pMediaDet)->GetBitmapBits (0, 0, pBuff,

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
ZeroMemory (&bi, sizeof BITMAPINFO);
CopyMemory (&bi.bmiHeader, pBuff, sizeof BITMAPINFOHEADER);

Bitmap bitmap (&bi, pBuff);

graphics.SetCompositingMode (CompositingModeSourceCopy));
graphics.SetCompositingQuality (CompositingQualityHighQuality));
graphics.DrawImage(&bitmap, rVideo.left + 1, + 40 ,

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