Pls Help: Problem in video using YUY2 source filter

Pls Help: Problem in video using YUY2 source filter

Post by akhilesh.k » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 03:54:08


I am writing a source filter, which spit YUY2 (4:2:2)at its output
Filter is connected and working fine except for the, Video I see is
completly garbled, I am not sure What I am doing Wrong. I have 480X260
YUY2 video, in the CheckMediaType I am using
abs(pvi->bmiHeader.biHeight) absolute value to check
the height is that OK, Without abs() Pin does not connect. Frame rate
30FPS( per second). I have tried every thing possible, likr Setting
Time for each sample as well as without setting Time I am not sure
Where the problem is.

Can some help me by looking in to my code to find out what the problem
I am including the major snippet of the code but if some body
interested I
can send My sample project with a samll media file.

Help apriciated.

//To reduce the size erroe cheching portion has been removed

CVTKVdeoStream(HRESULT *phr, CVTKVideoSourceFilter *pParent, LPCWSTR
: CSourceStream(NAME("VTK Video"),phr, pParent, pPinName)

m_BitmapInfoHeader.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER);
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biWidth = 480;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biHeight = 260;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biPlanes = 1;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biBitCount = 16;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biCompression = '2YUY';
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biSizeImage = 249600;//518400;//
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biXPelsPerMeter = 0;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biYPelsPerMeter = 0;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biClrUsed = 0;
m_BitmapInfoHeader.biClrImportant = 0;
m_rtFrameLength = 10^7/30;
m_Starttime = 0;
m_fp = NULL;
m_fp = fopen("c:\\video.mp4", "rb"); //Contains only fixed size video


HRESULT CVTKVideoStream::FillBuffer(IMediaSample *pms)
BYTE *pData;
long cbData;
IReferenceClock *pClock = NULL;;
HRESULT hr = m_pFilter->GetSyncSource(&pClock);

cbData = pms->GetSize();

if(m_fp && (cbData >= m_BitmapInfoHeader.biSizeImage))
size_t sRead = 0;
sRead = fread(pData, 1, m_BitmapInfoHeader.biSizeImage, m_fp);
CRefTime sampleTime = m_Starttime + m_rtFrameLength;
hr = pms->SetTime((REFERENCE_TIME *)&m_Starttime, (REFERENCE_TIME
m_Starttime = m_Starttime + m_rtFrameLength;
return S_OK;
HRESULT CVTKVideoStream::DecideBufferSize(IMemAllocator *pIMemAlloc,
if (pProperties->cBuffers == 0)
pProperties->cBuffers = 1;
pProperties->cbBuffer = pvi->bmiHeader.biSizeImage;
hr = pIMemAlloc->SetProperties(pProperties, &Actual);
if (FAILED(hr))
return hr;
// Is this allocator unsuitable?
if (Actual.cbBuffer < pProperties->cbBuffer)
return E_FAIL;
return S_OK;
HRESULT CVTKVideoStream::SetMediaType(const CMediaType *pMediaType)
HRESULT hr = CSourceStream::SetMediaType(pMediaType);
return hr;
// Check that we can support a given proposed type
HRESULT CVTKVideoStream::CheckMediaType(const CMediaType *pMediaType)
if((*(pMediaType->Type()) != MEDIATYPE_Video) || // we only output
!(pMediaType->IsFixedSize())) // in fixed size

Pls Help: Problem in video using YUY2 source filter

Post by Thore Karl » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 06:56:40

On 19 Jul 2004 11:54:08 -0700, XXXX@XXXXX.COM (Akhi DS

If you are connecting to the video renderer, it may present you with a
surface that is wider than you anticipate. You need to account for the
stride of the surface by checking the value of biWidth in the media type
you're connected with.

If that's not the problem, what does your graph look like?

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