YUV source filter

YUV source filter

Post by ravindra.d » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 23:20:01


I want to develop a YUV source filter which can handle high
(E.g. 720 * 576)
I want to know the easiest and quickest way of doing it as I have to
finish it quickly

What I thought was this, please advice

1. Edit the push source sample in DirectX SDK
The input file is hard coded. So using graph edit you can't select the
input file (e.g. bitmap). So do I have to implement another interface
like IFileSourceFilter?

2. Use asynchronous file source filter in DirectX SDK.
Then I have to write a parser? It's a bit difficult to write a parser
as there is no source of information.

3. Edit the asynchronous file source in DirectX SDK.
Then what do I have to do?

Thanking in advance

Ravindra de Silva

YUV source filter

Post by The March » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 23:33:14

This is the best choice. You will need to covert the file you load into
your YUV media sample(s) (if it isn't in that format already). You do not
have to implement IFileSourceFilter.

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