CfP: 4th International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules for The Enterprise (VORTE 2009)

CfP: 4th International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules for The Enterprise (VORTE 2009)

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The 4th International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules
for The Enterprise (VORTE 2009)
Co-located with the 13th IEEE International EDOC Conference
Auckland, New Zealand, August 31st, 2009

Selected papers will be published in the ISI-indexed JRPIT journal
(subject to the final approval)


The VORTE series of workshops is devoted to the topics of
vocabularies, ontologies and rules in the context of enterprise
systems. The complexity of enterprise systems; the increasing needs
for advanced collaboration between various systems within one
institution or among many collaborating parties; and the velocity of
organizational, policy, structural and market changes strongly call
for immediate mobilization of the research community to develop more
flexible and reliable technologies for the development of enterprise
systems. Trying to respond to this urgent research need, the VORTE
series of workshops has been established in order to bring together
researchers and practitioners that are looking into the topics of
ontologies and rules in enterprise system development from different
yet complementary perspectives. The major objective is to provide a
research forum for exchanging ideas and results covering the use of
ontologies and rules in various stages of the development lifecycle of
enterprise systems. Examples of topics covered by VORTE fundamental
research contributions include the ontological evaluation of
enterprise systems and their interoperability and the investigation of
the use of ontologies and rules in business process modelling. Applied
research contributions include enhancing business rule engines and
business process management systems by ontologies and formal semantics
for rules. From the enterprise system development perspective research
topics are focused on relations of process modelling and execution
languages with business ontologies and rules, and how business
ontologies and rules used in enterprise models are further propagated
into technologies (e.g., semantic web) and architectures (e.g.,
service-oriented architectures) that enable collaboration between
heterogeneous enterprise systems. The workshop also welcomes
experience reports and empirical studies that are reporting on the use
of ontologies and rules in the enterprise system development

VORTE 2009 is the 4th workshop associated with the EDOC conference
series that intends to bring together researchers and practitioners in
areas such as philosophical ontology, enterprise modelling,
information systems, semantic web, model-driven engineering, business
rules, and business process management. The goal of the workshop is to
discuss the role that (foundational and domain) ontologies/
vocabularies and business rules play in the conceptual design and
implementation of next generation enterprise solutions.


We solicit two types of papers:
- short papers (4 pages) discussing controversial issues in the field
or describe interesting or thought-provoking ideas that are not yet
fully developed; and
- full papers (8-10 pages) describing more mature results than short

All submissions MUST conform to the two-column format of IEEE Computer
Society conference proceedings (
cscps/cps/cps_forms.html) and include the author's name, affiliation,
and contact details. Papers must be submi