Type-1 APL Fonts for LaTeX, pdflatex, and friends

Type-1 APL Fonts for LaTeX, pdflatex, and friends

Post by Dieter Kil » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 01:46:16

Robert Bernecky provides the APL-font saxpsa an his site and provides an
installation guide for it.

I suggest to use a .fd-file to be able to use the standard *** scaling
macros \tiny ... \Huge in your document.

The file saxpsa.fd should have the following content:

\ProvidesFile{OT1saxpsa.fd}[2006/11/19 Dieter Kilsch]
\DeclareFontShape {OT1}{saxpsa}{m}{n}{<->saxpsa}{}

The file qdefsax.tex must be changed in two ways. I recommend to rename
it to saxpsa.sty.

1) Enter the following line at the top of the file (or anywhere else)


Calling \apl switches to the font Saxpsa according to the content of

2) In all the lines defining the \q.... macros the command \apl must be
deleted. If not done the scaling macros will not work.

saxpsa.sty and OT1saxpsa.fd should reside in
where L stands or your (local) tex directory.

On installing the font in the MikTeX-distribution under Windows one has
to change the updating of the mapping files at the end (7. of Robert
Bernecky installation guide):

1) add the line
Map saxpsa.map
to the file
Create the file if it does not exist.

2) Execute on your DOS shell:
initexmf -u
initexmf --mkmaps

Due to the new line in updmap.cfg the last command adds the entry in
saxpsa.map to the file L/dvips/config/psfonts.map used by pdflatex to
properly embed the font.

The line


will now work as expected in your document.


Type-1 APL Fonts for LaTeX, pdflatex, and friends

Post by rbe » Tue, 05 Dec 2006 06:30:34

I've added Dieter's changes to my stuff, cleaned up a few typos, and
verified that
it works with *** and pdflatex on my SuSE 10.1 system. It's available
www.snakeisland.com. See the "aplfont" page.



Type-1 APL Fonts for LaTeX, pdflatex, and friends

Post by urbancam » Thu, 14 Dec 2006 23:02:39


Just tried this on a SuSE 10.2 Beta 2 system with no problems. The
'map' directory did exist on my installation.

Many thanks,