Whither Quote-Quad (and SIGAPL)

Whither Quote-Quad (and SIGAPL)

Post by R. George » Tue, 30 Sep 2003 06:38:21

I am posting this message to clarify what is happening with
ACM/SIGAPL and the APL Quote-Quad, our publication.

In February, ACM/SIGAPL was taken out of "In transition" status
(a kind of organizational probation), and given "Conference-Only"
status. This designation is something of a misnomer, since there
is nothing that prevents a "Conference-Only" special interest group
from producing publications. The difference is that a "Multi-
Service" special interest group is REQUIRED to meet some require-
ments regarding timely publication.

As chairman, I understand the value proposition that SIGAPL repre-
sents to our members, and all of othose who have an interest in
array programming languages in general. I want to give everyone
who reads this the same message I gave to the ACM special interest
group governing board in February: That most people will not join
ACM/SIGAPL if all we do is provide an annual conference and send
the proceedings to the members.

I sense that there is adequate energy in this community to continue
supprting an annual conference and a printed newsletter, which has
additional value. Building a track record of publishing Quote-Quad
is the easist way for SIGAPL to regain "multi-service" ACM SIG
status, which gives us something of an additional voice at ACM.

While meeting our obligation to provide Quote-Quad in 2002, by
publishing a record number of Quote-Quad issues, I recruited a
number of people to assist in continuing the publication. In
addition, we're going to try some new initiatives, extending our
activities into other areas as well.

A new issue of APL Quote-Quad will be published very shortly, and
will (along with a number of articles from contributing authors)
provide more details the changes, outline our new organization,
and indicate the people who have come forward to form a new

To sum up... any news of the demise of SIGAPL, or of Quote-Quad,
are VERY immature (to put it mildly)... quite the opposite, I am
planning for something of a revival, and would like all the help
we can find toward that end.

I welcome any comments or questions on these changes, and look
forward to the activities we plan on creating.

Best Regards to all...
Robert G. Brown
Chairman, ACM/SIGAPL

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I'm using a Loop with a quote-quad. Just inputting some letters. But I
can't break out of the loop when I went to terminate the program.

With a regular quad, just a right arrow breaks out of the loop.

I have tried this with an old free APL, namely APLSE, but also APL 9.1
and APL 10 and I can't stop the loop. Crudely, I just terminate the DOS
windows under Windows and that kills it. But that is not a classy

Any ideas? Nothing seems to work. Not even a CONTROL-BREAK. I can use a
CONTROL-ESC to get to the DOS window level but am surprised that a
right arrow does not break the loop as it does with a regular quad used
for inputting numbers.

Strange. At first I thought it was because APLSE does not have the
quote-quad used for letters. But it was the same thing in APL 9.1 and
APL 10. I apparently wrote the program in APL 9.1 but like to run it in
APLSE because of the easier use of the APL character set. What a pain
that is. Different versions of APL have different character sets for
the keyboards. too bad it never got standardized. Drives me more nuts
than I need to be.

Thanks for any inputs :)

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