APL in 2020 - General Posting Issues

APL in 2020 - General Posting Issues

Post by Dick Bowma » Tue, 08 Jun 2010 15:22:44

Good to see that life is stirring out there. A few general issues
beginning to arise...

Our main aim ("we" being the people named on the aplin2020.org website) is
to promote discussion of what APL might/could/should look like in 2020 and
how best to get there. These discussions (and the forums at the APL2010
conference) are to help people express their views rather than to have
right/wrong arguments.

We aim to "seed" the discussions about once a week by introducing a new
topic/thread - it will probably help everyone if we try to keep each thread
centred around the topic rather than include everything everywhere.
Equally, if you have a topic that you think is relevant, please feel free
to start a new thread (there is no "approvals" or "control" agenda at work
here - all contributions are welcome, aside from obvious spam). If you do
start a new thread please put "APL In 2020" into the title, so that we can
pick up on it easily.

We'll be collecting and collating (but not editing) the discussions on the
aplin2020.org website; another manual process which is getting under way
(we're not there yet). Anyone with effort/energy/ideas who wants to help
out on the site please get in touch (there's a contact form).

Something else we're doing is putting the word out to all of the
APL-related forums that we know of. The aim is to have comp.lang.apl as
main home for the discussions because of its obvious neutrality. But if
you have topics that you think are particularly relevant in a specific
context, please feel free to start threads elsewhere (just tell us that
something is going on). We're also announcing to all of the forums that we
know of (there's a list on the "links" page at aplin2020.org) - but if we
haven't got round to your favourite place yet, just make the announcement
for us.

I think that's enough hectoring from me for now, next topic coming up...